About Us

My name is Karel Piot and I'm the founder and CEO of D'auvâge.

I started online marketing when I was just 18 years old but it all took a turn for the better when I first got a camera into my hands 2 years later. I instantly became passionate about giving hard working entrepreneurs the social media presence that their product deserve.

Today, no entrepreneur can deny the importance of social media in their sales process and that is where I come in. D'auvâge gives you not only the visuals but also the digital marketing that you need to put your products and business on the social media map.​

Our philosophy is simple and can be summed up in two words: haute couture and flexibilty.


Haute couture because our services are tailor made to your image, your personality and your business' culture. We don't believe in what we call a "bulldozer strategy" where your whole identity gets demolished by marketing and then rebuilt from the bottom up. Why? Because we believe that every entrepreneur has already a great story inside of them and usually we find that that story is the best starting point  to set up a beautiful brand image. There is no need to change or alienate someone from who they truly are. That is what a good tailor does, he makes the suit fit you, not you fit the suit. That's what we're all about: you!

Flexibilty because we believe that communication, and a good one at that, is key to making a joint venture a success. That's why we always consult for your input on the ongoing project so that you can adjust the course of it to your liking and we can adapt it to your needs as the breathing project of building your online image evolves.

Our goal is simple, taking the time consuming yet vital task of digital marketing off of the shoulders of ambitious entrepreneurs and getting you beautiful and tangible results.

Why trust a young guy like me?


I know, as an entrepreneur myself, that ​putting a part of your project in someone else's hands, in this case your public image, is a very difficult thing to do. You built it, you made it, it's your baby and I totally get that, I struggle with it sometimes too. That's why you'll find on our home page the opportunity to get a free digital media audit. This audit will asses your social media and digital marketing backed with stats and notes on how to improve your social media game but most importantly, it'll show you how serious we are about this. It is also a way for us to give back to people who really care about their brand image because those are the people that helped us to get launched in our endeavour.



I hope I'll get to work with you soon!

Karel Piot

Founder of D'auvâge

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